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Navigating a Divorce with Children Involved

About 50% of American children will experience a parental divorce at some point. Even when the decision to divorce is the best thing for the kids involved, this is still a stressful and difficult time. It’s important that parents navigate divorce with children the right way to minimize the mental and emotional toll on their little […]

Do You Pay Child Support If You’re Unemployed?

About 1 in 5 children live in homes that receive child support payments. If you give child support to an ex-spouse, you likely have struggled to give the appropriate amount sometimes. If you’re unemployed, this becomes a nearly impossible challenge. Read on to learn whether you need to pay child support when you’re out of a […]

The Most Common Reasons People Seek a Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be a complicated and emotional legal process. Even if both spouses agree that it’s time to part ways, there can still be intricate issues to resolve and complex steps to follow.  While you may prefer to work through this process on your own, it’s best to hire a divorce attorney. This expert […]

8 Things You Need to Know About Family Law

According to survey results, Americans’ knowledge of civic law has jumped in the last couple of years. However, knowing your civic rights is a very different kettle of fish from family law. Most people are largely unaware of what family law involves until they find themselves facing things like divorce or child custody arrangements So what is family law? Family […]

Child Support: Everything You Need To Know

When two parents decide to divorce, there may be children involved who are directly affected. Child support is a type of payment that one parent makes to the other parent (or a designated legal guardian) to meet that child’s reasonable needs. While the specific rules and regulations can differ by state, there are some general […]

Cohabitation Rights: Property Rights For Unmarried Couples

Cohabitation agreements are essential if you and your partner live with one another but are unmarried. Did you know that more than twelve million unmarried couples live in the United States today, and most of them are unaware of cohabitation agreements? When you have this agreement in place, you not only protect yourself financially but […]

What Does Emancipated Mean? Understanding the Process

Turning 18 brings a lot of changes to a young person’s life, including being legally independent of your parents. But in some cases, minors can’t wait that long and may become emancipated before their 18th birthday. What does emancipated mean? Keep reading to learn more about the emancipation process and what it means for minors […]

How Does a Real Estate Valuation Affect a Divorce?

According to reports, 75% of seniors say their home is their most valuable asset. And 74% say that purchasing a home was one of the best financial decisions they ever made. But what happens if you’re facing divorce, and have to split your home down the middle?  Dividing assets during divorce can be a tough […]