So, you go to court, fight for hours and hours and the final decision is not what you had hoped for! Is there anything that can be done? YES, they are formally known as family law appeals. First, it is advised to hire a family law lawyer. Filing an appeal can be super tiring, expensive, and very complicated. Hiring a family lawyer can help to bring in legal advice and they are often times the main way families find success.

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How a Family Attorney Can Help You Appeal

What happens when you appeal a case? First, the entire case will be reviewed by a higher court. They will review the case very extensively to see if any legal errors were made in the previous review. However, you won’t be able to re-submit your case adding any evidence or new information. Next, they will decide from there if a new trial is in order. It is important to keep in mind that appeals can be very complicated. Ensuring that you understand all the rules that pertain to your specific case and appeal will help in the process. Look up the specific rules for your state to make sure they are accurate as each state’s rules do vary slightly.

Family law attorneys can really aid in this process first by knowing the legal wording, requirements, and processes set out by the court system. But second, they can offer communication to both parties by listening and talking. Often times a lot of communication has to happen such as speaking with the client directly, potential witnesses, experts, the opposing side, as well as the court. Although they can be expensive, they can really help your case be solved and make the process much less painful. A divorce lawyer can do much of the same tasks as a family law attorney because it is common that when people get divorced, they have a family involved. Appealing a custody case in reference to more family law, actually follows the same general processes and rules that go along with filing a divorce case.

The family law act was put in to place to try and mitigate external circumstances from being portrayed onto a family going through a divorce. The law simply states that marriage has broken down irretrievably. This law was enacted in 1975 in Australia and applies to every state and territory. The court is put in to place to deal with family issues simply and with sensitivity. Any family going through this knows that it is a very hard and troubling time, especially if young kids are involved. The Australian government hoped that enacting this law would diminish in any way the pains of going through this process.

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If you are going through a divorce, or something within a family law appeal, you may be asking where you can find family lawyers near me. Please use this page as a guide to help you find a lawyer near you that can help you to solve the case you are working on, and be satisfied by the conclusion.