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Top 8 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

You fell in love and couldn’t imagine life without each other.

Then you decided to get hitched. At first, everything was rosy and there were no issues to report. Then you got your first child.

But instead of life becoming even better, it got worse. Even your baby couldn’t bring you closer together. So, you opted to have a divorce.

If you’re having a divorce, take heart. You aren’t alone.

Over 800, 000 couples in the U.S go through divorce each year. Divorces are far from easy, but they become especially complicated when kids are involved.

You don’t need to handle child custody matters all by yourself. With a family law attorney, you can protect your rights to win time-sharing agreements.

Here are 8 good signs you may need a child custody lawyer while getting divorced.

Your Ex Has Already Engaged a Child Custody Lawyer

If your ex has already hired a family lawyer you’d want to do the same, otherwise, your case might turn a way you don’t expect.

You want to be well-prepared for your custody hearing. That’s especially important if your ex has hired an experienced legal representative to argue their case.

If you’re having money troubles, you can find a low-cost attorney in your area or get free legal aid. But it’s best to hire the right child custody attorney to help you out.

You Believe Your Kids Are in Danger

Sometimes the court’s ruling makes sense in theory, but that may actually put your children in danger. In such cases, time is priceless. This means you’ll need someone who’s familiar with court processes and can push through essential measures.

Often, custody cases may take months to solve, but if there’s evidence of immediate danger to your children, hiring an attorney may be the key that resolves the situation in time.

Your Spouse Has Stopped You from Seeing Your Kids

If you’ve been banned from seeing your own kids, you’ll need a lawyer in order to argue your case for why the decision was wrong. This might be in the form of an appeal or another legal battle to prove you deserve to be part of your kid’s life.

Without a family law attorney, however, you might find it difficult to convince the judge that the original ruling violated the law and your rights.

Your Custody Case Is Complex

Do you live in a different jurisdiction from your ex? Are you both unable to decide between joint and legal custody?

Is your ex trying to persuade the court that you’re not fit for joint custody of your kids? Or, is your present life situation changing so drastically that it can impact your kid’s life? Are you moving in with someone else or remarrying?

If you’re in any of these situations, you should consider hiring a lawyer to steer you through the process of child custody modification.

It’s especially essential to hire a lawyer when remarrying or moving in with someone new. This is because the court will thoroughly scrutinize you and your new partner before they allow joint custody of your children.

Your Custody Case Spans Country or State Lines

If you and your former spouse are in the same state or country, the custody case can often be pretty easy, if you’re in total agreement with one another.

If you’re unable to agree, however, or if the jurisdiction between you both changes, you’ll need expert legal representation.

A child custody attorney can help you fight for custody that does not involve your kid constantly shuttling between parents and help you argue a case that satisfies each party involved.

Since case requirements and proceedings can vary between states, it’s important to hire a lawyer that can guide you through the requirements.

You Receive a Notice About Custody Hearing

You can’t go to a custody hearing without a legal representative. If you do so, you’re highly likely to lose.

When you suddenly get a notice to go to court, it’s important to decide if you need an attorney. Consider hiring a knowledgeable and experienced family law professional to guide you through the legal processes and protect your rights.

Your Ex Wants Sole Custody of Your Kid

This is quite common if a couple had only one child at the time of divorce. In that case, each partner would be fighting to win custody of the kid, and it’s best to hire a child custody lawyer.

Such a lawyer can help resolve the standoff by drafting an agreement that will satisfy both parties. Or, the lawyer can help you file a case to challenge your ex’s decision to stay with the child.

The Court Requires You to Take Classes or Get Treatment

If the court orders you to take anger management, parenting classes, or join an alcohol or drug rehab facility, then they might think that you’re already in a weak position.

In that case, it’s best to get a child custody attorney. The only exception is if both parents in your state or country have to take anger management or parenting classes for any child custody case.

While uncommon, some jurisdictions require some sort of parental training for every child custody case.

Hire a Child Custody Attorney Today

Child custody cases are often complicated. But hiring a child custody lawyer can make things easier and hand you the best chance of winning custody agreements you desire for you and your child.

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