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Greene Wilson Crow Trial Lawyers

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50 reviews
Robert Greenwood

Judge Crow is outstanding! Very responsive and great representation. I can and will recommend him to anyone. Very thankful for his services. He got the job done! SincerelyRobert G

Kelly Greene is a top notch attorney. His whole legal team makes you feel so welcome and safe. They all work together effectively and effortlessly always having your best interests at heart. Total of 5 stars for this suburb law office.

Fantastic service ! The outcome was much better than I initially expected prior to contacting their office. I will use this practice whenever I need legal services and recommend them to all my family and friends!
Jan Reitzel

Everything went very smoothly. My case was handled quickly, went exactly as I was told, and I was kept informed throughout.Thank you,Jan Reitzel
eric campbell

Tom wilson is very good lawyer and very helpful in easing your concerns as you go through the legal process, I would highly recommend wilson and highly recommend kelly greene!
Eric Campbell

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the best law firm for criminal matters on the east coast, kelly greene is also a great family lawyer, but sundee Stephenson is the best family lawyer on the east coast! So greene Wilson best criminal and traffic and dwi law firm on east coast and Shultz Stephenson is the best family law firm on the east coast! Gotta love those Campbell university lawyers they are the best!
Crystal Scott

I love Paula and Kelly Green they're wonderful attorneys
Tammy Dixon

I highly recommend.. only attorney I will hire
Jannie Hyatt

I would add them to you local legal elites list !
Travel Account

K.Greene is the most efficient attorney in ENC hands' down!
william Flanagan

Great firm. Got full custody of my kids.
Bill Barrow

Best small local civil law firm in town...
Steve Broome

They really care about their clients.
Dennis Alexander

Awesome firm Mr. Greene has helped us several times
Emily C.

Mr. Wilson is an excellent attorney. He helped me with a domestic case and was very friendly, upbeat, and cordial throughout the emotionally draining situation. He kept me informed of the case's progress as well as what I needed to do next to get the outcome I wanted - which thankfully I did. I couldn't have asked for a better person to represent me! Mr. Wilson clearly understands the court process, is well-spoken, and will do what he can to help you out. The firm's staff are also welcoming and maintain a respectful yet efficient atmosphere.
James Milostan

Best service they are very attentive to your needs
Carnell Wallace

Horriable experience, if your color skinned. Time giving for appointment was so pointless. I set up a meeting a week ago to meet at 8:30, show up 10 min early just to sit for 48min and watch every white person get admitted help even after signing in(to check) after me. Like this man literally looked me in the face each time when coming to get who ever he had to speak to so I know he knew we was here. That off the rip gave me bad vibes. I asked for an explanation on why we haven't been able to be scene yet, the explanation was their al behind is why there is a delay. Which that doesn't make since for everyone to be going in front of us if we was their first. Like totally unprofessional and a waste of time and very disrespectful BBFB. (Bad Business For Blacks)
Erik Whitehurst

Best Attorney in Craven County!
Cf Fergeson

My interactions w/ Mr. Greene & Ms. Bullock have been excellent !
Cathrine Barrett

Highly recommend both Kelly Greene & Ken Crow. They are great attorneys and I feel like they care about their clients. These attorneys are very educated and experienced & I feel like I'm carefully guarded when they are representing me. I have recommended them to many of my friends & feel that they are some of the best attorneys for criminal & divorce law. They are priced fairly and don't over bill.
Alora Vitalis

A work with you the hard working for you and they want to make sure that you come out of here it makes them look great have you say so is is on water one occasion that for just myself with the people in my workplace at home and everyone has been satisfied with the services that they offer
Tim Hill

Judge Ken Crowe is an attorney I would highly recommend. He doesn't sugarcoat the truth but he gets results. The best attorney I have ever had dealings with. If I could give Ken Crowe a 10 star rating I would, he is truly that good!!
Susan Cannon

Top notch. Don't pull no punches. If you need a really good attorney give them a call.
Krystal Godwin

Great lawyer, and very welcoming staff glad I have them behind me !
Oliver Robinson

Just got out of child custody court with Mr. Kelly Greene from Greene and Wilson . I'll say I've never trusted lawyer's,even my own to some depth. But have to say i was impressed with Mr Greene from the first moment in court. He seemed to take charge of the situation and I honestly feel dictated how everything went the entire duration of my custody battle. Now I tend to feel the glass was half empty after dealing with the court system for any reason. But after having faced the system with Kelly Greene and his team on my side I feel my glass is now overflowing. All I can say is if you dontdhiredkell Greene just Hope the other party hasent. .. Thank you Kelly Greene and your team for all your help . I am forever grateful

Best attorneys in eastern NC
Aubrey Hardy

Absolutely wonderful experience. They are very caring and will give 100 percent.
BigPappa GiantsFan

Received great advice from a friendly and caring staff
Alice Stewart

Kenneth Crow doesn't do his job a client paid a good amount of money but all he does is come up with excuses to not do anything to help get him out he's still sitting in jail and another one getting 8 years without even being taken to trial
Donna Dail

Friendly yet professional. Great staff and legal help
Charles Dietz

The team @ Greene & Wilson is top tier & capable of achieving desirable results.
Marquis Hood

Best lawyer in craven county
Raine Hunter

They are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Linda Jones

Mr.Tom Wilson is a great lawyer.
Juan Pablo

Called for a consultation and the paralegal who answered the phone was very rude, disrespectful and had an disgruntled unprofessional attitude. She didn't have knowledge on fees and 'claimed' she couldn't give me an estimate over the phone. She also said I needed to pay $500 over the phone for a 30min consultation just to set up an appointment. Will take money elsewhere due to lack of knowledge and rudeness from paralegal.
Kevin Bland

I've used Mr. Ken Crow on multiple occasions, for a variety of Charges ranging from Probation Violations, to Careless/Reckless Driving. I can tell you from experience that he is both a Fantastic Lawyer & a Good Man. He's an Honest Man who will always get you the best possible outcome, and the fact that he's also a Retired Judge holds a lot of weight. Anytime someone asks me who to use regarding any legal issues I always refer them to Mr. Crow & always will.
Christina Barham

Christine E

Virginia Lyons

vachon harrison

Kristen Bradfield

Kenny Wade

Feliciano Velazquez

Lionzo Lopez

Tessa Pardue

Charlene Webber

Billie Newlin

Kathryn Morrison

Mark Wetherington

eric caskey