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Getting Divorced? A Family Attorney Can Help

Getting Divorced? A Family Attorney Can Help
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Finding a family attorney to help with divorce process

Do you need a family attorney to complete your divorce? Yes and no. You can choose to go about the divorce on your own. This choice is totally personal. It depends on the duration of marriage, the partner you are dealing with, and reasons for dissolution. In every case, divorce remains a highly emotive issue and there is a likelihood of making wrong decisions out of emotions. You need another person to see things clearly and help you protect your interests even in the middle of the turmoil.

Why is that Some People do not Engage a Family Attorney?

If the marriage had not lasted long, some people opt not to engage a divorce lawyer. Let’s say a year or two. If there was no property acquired together or children whose interests need to be protected, a few people choose to resolve it on their own.

When the other partner is understanding and agrees to end the marriage and settle all interests amicably, you may not feel the need to engage a lawyer. Some people feel that divorce lawyers tend to fan the flames during the process. To avoid aggravating the emotional anguish, you might opt to go through it alone.

However, this is not always the case for everyone. Most divorce processes are ugly and to be safe, it is advisable to look for a family attorney to expedite the process and protect your interests.

Getting divorced? Here are the incidences that require the help of a family attorney

If you Want to be Divorced

If you have made up your mind that you are following through with a divorce, engage a family lawyer. Think about the specific services that you need. It could be drafting an agreement in writing or coming up with a settlement plan. You could also contact a lawyer for representation or full litigation in court. It could also be something as simple as advice.

Decide the approach of the divorce. Is it a normal case, a preventative or a true emergency? Do you want an amicable approach or a hostile one? Know your personality and match it with that of the law firm you want to engage. Each law firm has a different personality and approach, understand what approach works with your case.

If you Have Been Served with Divorce Papers

If you have been served, there might be legal statements that are beyond you. Call a family attorney to help you understand the implications of all the clauses before you append your signature. Let them advise you concerning your rights, obligations and privileges arising from the divorce.

With an attorney, it is possible to pick grey areas in the proceedings. When you consult an experienced attorney, he or she will advise on the best response. You will be able to know whether to end the process immediately or come up with a new agreement and settlement plan.

If your Spouse has Involved a Family Attorney

There is no way you are going to match up against a seasoned divorce lawyer on your own. If your spouse is already talking to a lawyer, get an attorney to represent you as well. There are so many legal issues that you may not be aware of. To protect your interests, and that you will not be at a disadvantage, seek legal, and experienced representation.

Remember lawyers understand the processes, they will see potential problems in your case. They can advise you on how to prepare. They will also advise on how to stop the spouse from taking advantage of some loopholes. You need to be sure of what you are agreeing to. Most importantly, it will help you keep away from dealing with ugly banter between lawyers. It is absolutely draining.

When Dealing with a Violent Partner

Stay away from a violent partner. It is almost impossible to negotiate with a violent person. The idea of a mutual agreement is completely out of question. To avoid any ugly incidences involve a family attorney to represent you during divorce agreements and court rulings.

The court needs to be aware of violence in the relationship because it holds a lot of weight in divorce deliberations. A representation by a lawyer will also keep you safe from physical harm. The lawyer can help make the best decision on custody and visitation while ensuring that you are safe and your rights are respected.

If you Feel your Spouse is Hiding Something

It is possible that your spouse wants a divorce and they may be deliberately hiding or spending marital assets you bought together. When you suspect that this could be happening, reach out to a divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

When one partner is disposing of assets without the knowledge of the other, the case becomes complex. It is also clear that there is malice on the part of the spouse and his or her attorneys. The best course of action is to get the help of a family lawyer to guide a way out.


Divorce is complex and more painful when children are involved. It is important to have their interests upheld even after the parents separate. You need a lawyer to help come up with an agreement on custody, child support, and other issues pertaining to their wellbeing. Some spouses tend to be slippery especially when it comes to responsibility, have a registered agreement, whether it is negotiation or trial, to ensure that everyone plays their part.

Shared Assets and Property

If you and your partner own a lot of assets and property together, it is a complex process deciding on how to go about dividing the property. The contention on how to split the shared assets could lead to a protracted court battle. You could also be pushed out of your ownership in the process. Involve a lawyer at an early stage to advice on a way forward.

Whether you are going to require mediation, a written settlement, or a court hearing, let the lawyer represent you in all the hearings. It will help you catch issues and dangers of being outsmarted. The lawyer will help you protect your ownership and ensure you get what you are not entitled to.


It is complex when there is settlement on alimony or child support. Rarely do most spouses agree to these things before involving a negotiation or court process. Going through a divorce, then having to keep following a spouse for child support keeps opening painful wounds. Make arrangement for support or alimony through a family attorney to avoid the inconveniences.

To reduce the emotional burden that comes with a divorce, it is advisable to find engage an attorney. it is not safe to go through a divorce alone especially when it is complex because of shared property, children, or support. To identify the best attorney in your area, visit us.

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