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There are times when marriages end, even though nothing major goes wrong in the relationship. People often grow apart after many years of being together and want to get a divorce with as few hiccups as possible.

Hire the Best Family Law Attorney You Can

Believe it or not, divorce doesn’t always have to lead to family court. There are many couples who are able to use a family attorney near me to reach an amicable agreement for their split. The average home in Redding, CA is worth $245,100 . You and your spouse need to decide if you want to sell the home and split the profits between the two of you or if you want one of you to stay in the home and take over the mortgage.

Everything will be written in a legally binding contract that both parties have to agree to in order for it to be finalized. A judge will look it over and determine if it is legal and fair for everyone involved.

Child Custody Can Be Handled Outside of Court, as Well

If you and your spouse have children together, a family attorney, Redding, CA can help you establish a child custody agreement for both of you. It’s important to make sure that the children get plenty of time with both of you and that a schedule can be created that supports both of your work commitments and social life.

If you are able to settle things outside of court, you won’t have to worry about trying to find a pro bono attorney. The lawyer fees will be far less because the attorney will not have to do as much work as they would if you were to have to settle your divorce in court.

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Family Law Lawyers in Redding, CA