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Named for Collin McKinney, one of the signatories of the Texas Declaration of Independence, McKinney is situated just left of State Highway 5. It is also the third-fastest growing city in the United States, as can be seen from the census information between 2010 and 2018.

The Best Family Law in McKinney

The family court in McKinney hears cases about everything from spousal abuse to adoption by grandparents . Many only think of family law when someone is getting a divorce but pre-nuptial agreements and wills also come under this legal specialty. A great family attorney can mean that you don't have a day in court, but actually solve everything very reasonably across an office table.

McKinney has a long list of notable residents, from the professional wrestler, "Haystacks" Calhoun to Olympic bobsledder, Johnny Quinn. It was named the Best Place to Live in America in 2014.

Getting Child Custody

If you are interested in the best family law available, then you can look at the list of quality family attorneys in McKinney here. Whether you're looking for family attorneys near me or a firm that can assist you with pro bono work, you can find an attorney that caters to your specific needs. You can rely on a family attorney to have a cool head full of facts that will aid you if you need child custody or a will made.

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Family Law Lawyers in McKinney, TX