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There are nearly 19,000 people currently living in Katy, TX . That means that the chances of you finding your special someone may be easier than you think. If you think that you have found Mr. or Mrs. Right, consider having a prenuptial agreement created to ensure that you protect your and their assets in case of divorce in the future.

Learn What a Prenuptial Agreement Is

In order to have a prenuptial agreement created, you need to know what it is. You can hire the best family law attorney to discuss what you can include in your prenup. It is designed to protect the assets that you have before the marriage so that your future spouse cannot get any of them if you split. A family court will abide by the guidelines within the prenup as long as it is fair and not signed under duress. The family attorneys in Katy, TX can provide you with guidance on what to say when confronting your future spouse with the prenup.

Know that Prenups Cannot Cover All Future Events

Many people know that prenups can include clauses about adultery and what happens if someone cheats. They cannot, however, include clauses about child custody of children who are not yet born. The family attorneys near me can answer your questions about what you can and cannot cover in your prenup. It’s important to know that the attorneys will not create a prenup for you pro bono. They will charge fees to create the prenup and file it for you so be sure to pay their fees quickly to ensure that everything is legally binding before you are married.

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