Humble, TX

Choose from 2 Family Law Lawyers in Humble, TX

When going through a difficult divorce, it can sometimes feel like you are all alone, and everything is hopeless. This isn’t the case, though. Hiring the best family law attorney that you can afford can make the process much easier. If you cannot afford to pay for an attorney, one may work pro bono, so there is no reason not to try to hire one to represent you during your divorce.

Determine What You Are Entitled To

What you think you are entitled to and what you are really entitled to might be two different things. There are many times when one spouse supports the other spouse financially until they finish school or advance in their career. They view this as being a reason for them to be able to get a specific amount of money when they divorce. This isn’t the case, though. Family attorneys near me can help you determine what money you are really entitled to and how to prove that in family court.

Child Support Isn’t Always Guaranteed

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they will get child support from their spouse when they get a divorce. Who pays child support is dependent on the child custody arrangement that is made. Family attorneys in Humble, TX know that the average income is nearly $39,000 and can help you get an understanding of what the normal child support amount is based on that information. The attorneys cannot guarantee that you will get any child support or even custody of the kids. That’s up to the judge to decide in family court.