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Do you live in Clover, South Carolina? This small town is an excellent place to raise your children and begin a great life with your family. It offers highly-rated schools for your children to grow and learn as they grow older each year. However, your relationship with your significant other might not always survive, no matter where you live.

Divorce and Child Custody

If you are getting a divorce, figuring out child custody can be simple as figuring it all out with your ex. However, if you need a little more structure, consider hiring a family attorney. A family attorney can mediate and create a child custody agreement for you and your ex to follow.

However, if you are continually arguing with your ex over the agreement or take them to family court, then you can. It will cost you more money, but taking care of your children is the most important thing. Although, family court means letting the judge get the final call on who takes care of your children.

Family Attorney in Clover

If money is an issue, then you might find out which family attorneys offer pro bono to their clients. According to the South Carolina Bar , you can go to a lawyer to see if they will take your case pro bono. However, you will have to fill out a “direct intake” form and financially qualify for it. It could save you money and allow you to make sure your children are in the best care possible.

Do you live in or around Clover, South Carolina? If so, you can search online for “family attorney near me” to find the best family law representative in your area. Or you can even get a referral from someone you trust. Either way, hiring a family attorney can be beneficial in letting them take care of the legal work.

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