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When someone passes away without a will, it can be difficult to determine how property will be divided among the family. There are often people who feel that they are entitled to the items, and it can cause chaos throughout a family. Hiring a family attorney near me can make the division of assets a bit easier.

Determine What Assets Need to be Split

When you talk to the family attorney in Philadelphia, PA, you need to provide proof of the property that you know the person owned. It’s important also to establish the debt that the person owed. Property that has a lean on it may not be able to be passed on to someone else without the lean being paid. Being that the average home in Philadelphia, PA is valued at $151,000 , there is a good chance that your loved one has value in their property. The best family attorney can determine what property is available to be split and what is not available.

Establish Who Has Rights to the Property

Just because you feel that you have rights to the property, there is a chance that you don’t. The attorney will be able to determine if divorce or a change in child custody impacts someone’s rights to the property. Once you divorce someone, you may lose the right to their property if they pass. Just because you had a falling out with the person before they passed away doesn’t mean you lose the right to their property if they didn’t have a will created. When you hire the best family law attorney, you need to be willing to pay them for their services. The attorney will not work pro bono to establish the division of the assets. Talk to your relatives to see if they are willing to split the costs or be willing to pay them all on your own.

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Family Law Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA