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No one wants to have to look for family attorneys near me. Imagine the stress of working with an attorney, or going through the long and drawn-out process of what hiring an attorney entails.

However, finding a family attorney in Shelby, NC does not have to be hard. The city of Shelby is beautiful, located right on the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. It is close to two major airports and just a short drive from the South Carolina border. Why look any further from this great town for the best family law practices?

Shelby, NC Family Courts

Many practicing family attorneys are near you. Almost all of them can answer your questions . It is important to start the legal process with inquiries about what parental responsibilities will be allowed to keep. When going to family court, you want to know all of your rights and responsibilities upfront. Another important question is how the court will decide where the children live? Separating children is often a very harmful event, so ensuring this process is well thought out can help a lot in this difficult time.

Does Everything Have to be Solved in Court?

It is common for cases to be settled outside of court. This is a good question to ask upfront. Ask them about mediation and what they suggest regarding your need for obtaining it. It is always good to check and see if there are any pro bono mediators available who have a good understanding of child custody and divorce laws in North Carolina.

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