Lincolnton, NC

Choose from 3 Family Law Lawyers in Lincolnton, NC

Going through a divorce isn't an easy process. It's one of the most emotional things that you'll go through in fact. A family attorney Lincolnton, NC, understands that and will work with you through explaining the grounds for divorce rules and helping with settlement negotiations in the family court.

Explaining The Rules

Every state has different rules when it comes to the grounds for divorce. The grounds for divorce are what give one spouse the right to petition to end the marriage. Some states require you live away from each other for a while before you can go through with the divorce.

The best family law attorney can sit down with you and explain all of these rules with you. Sometimes there may be a defect in the marriage. They can also help you find little loopholes.

Perhaps the ceremony wasn't performed correctly, or the right paperwork wasn't done. Both these cases would make the marriage null and void. Being able to void or annul the marriage can save a lot of headaches but it's not always the best way to go. An experienced lawyer can let you know if it is.

Settlement Negotiations

Child custody isn't the only thing discussed when divorce comes up. There are also settlement negotiations that have to be made. A family attorney near me can help you through this process.

Having family attorneys help you is a lot cheaper and faster than taking it to court. This is especially true if they perform their services pro bono.

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