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If you are getting divorced in Cary, NC, or have child custody issues that need to be resolved you want to learn more about the family court and Judge you will have. The family court system for Cary, NC is located in Wake County. The family courts handle divorce cases, child custody issues, and a host of other critical family matters.

What Do You Need to Do To File for Child Custody?

The family law courts in Cary, NC, is where you go to file for child custody. The Cary/Wake County, NC family law court processes through divorce and child custody using effective and efficient case management per court case. Your case management will consist of a case assignment system, control of your continuances, and court supervision as your case works through the system. There are times when you're filing for child custody; you need to find a family attorney's legal help and representation. No one can protect your rights better than a local Cary, NC family attorney. You may be in a precarious financial situation and feel you can't afford to pay for an attorney. That's okay too. Wake County, NC has excellent pro bono services.

Pro Bono Family Service in Cary/Wake County, NC

The Pro Bono Resource Center helps you find a pro bono attorney for your child custody, divorce, or family court matter. The Pro Bono Resource Center is local to Wake County, and when you're looking for volunteer legal support this is a great place to start. Some of the attorneys they'll refer you to can help you with domestic violence, family legal issues, divorce, and child custody decisions. Cary, NC, is dedicated to making sure you get the family attorney near you, and they provide the best family law services possible.

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