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Cordell & Cordell

marker Overland Park, Kansas


5 reviews
M Bhanu

Sorry there wasn't less than 1 star for the reviews so had to go with 1 star..Run away as fast as you can before hiring.... ....Messed up my case and I ended up paying too much to fix what they messed up, still paying. My case was handled by lawyer named Laura. She looked intimidated by opposing counsel so much so that she couldn't counter, she just stood there in the court and agreed to everything opposing Counsel said. Then I get a huge bill from this company for not doing anything..Worst experience. Wouldn't return calls for days. Just want your money, don't care about your case...Run...
Craig Kauffman

My attorney made terrible arguments in court. Pretty amazing for being a Senior Partner. Would not recommend!!!
tlh hlt

Terrible terrible high high turnover, over charged us would not return phones but kept sending the bill and interestingly kept going up each time but would not discuss. Charge $40,000 for a child custody case should have just put into an education fund and been done. They never resolved the case want to sue lol. Run away from these people as fast as you can.
Travis Howard

Scott Bourland