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Being able to expand your family when you have a medical condition that prevents you from having children can be difficult. Nearly 30% of the population of Doraville, GA is children and many of them are looking for their forever home. Adoption can be a tricky process that you need to hire the best family law attorney to help you understand thoroughly.

Ensure You Know the Stipulations of the Adoption

When you adopt a child, there are legally binding agreements that must be met before child custody can be established. Hiring a family attorney Doraville, GA to help you review the agreements the adoption agency provides ensures you truly understand the stipulations.

You need to know if the biological mother has any rights to the child, does she get to see him or her or do you have to keep her informed about what is going on with the child without her having any contact. They need to know you aren’t getting a divorce in the near future, need to move around a lot or financially can't support the child.

Understand What the Adoption Costs Are

Adoption isn’t free. There are many fees associated with adoption and hiring a family attorney near me allows you to be sure you know what you are truly paying for when it comes to the adoption. If your attorney doesn’t work pro bono, you have to take their fees into account, as well. If your adoption is approved through a family court, it is legally binding. You become the parent to the child and are able to complete your family while providing them with the love and support they need and deserve.

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