Rancho Cordova, CA

Choose from 2 Family Law Lawyers in Rancho Cordova, CA

Divorce is scary, especially when you have kids to take into consideration. Many people assume that they only have to worry about where the children are going to live, but that isn’t the only child custody issues that need to be addressed with a family attorney Rancho Cordova, CA. Since most attorneys don’t offer pro bono work in family law so be sure to keep conversations pertinent is important to ensure you don’t waste money talking about things that aren’t as important.

Determine Possible Child Support Amounts

When you have children, you are responsible for taking care of them physically and financially. Choosing a local family attorney near me allows you to work with an attorney that knows a lot about the current economic state of the area where you live. With the average income in Rancho Cordova, CA of $57,965 your attorney will consider the cost of living in the area, how much you make, how much your spouse makes and create a reasonable child support amount to suggest in family court.

Who is Responsible for Carrying Health Insurance for the Children?

If you and your spouse have occupations that provide health insurance options, it has to be determined who will be responsible for paying for the children’s health insurance coverage. The best average income in Rancho Cordova, CA of $57,965 often take the amount that each parent takes into account and the special medical needs of the children.

Some courts require the cost to be split and some require one parent to pay the cost entirely. If you cannot afford to pay for medical insurance, the attorney will be able to help you determine if Medicaid is a better option for you to consider.

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