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When going through a divorce, separation of assets is often viewed as one of the most important aspects to consider, other than child custody issues. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how assets are divided when they get divorced.

Value Must be Determined

Before any assets can be divided, the value needs to be determined. A family attorney Oakland, CA will more than likely order for a valuation of property be done on everything that you and your spouse own. The median value of homes in Oakland, CA is more than $550,000 . Just because a home is valued at a high rate doesn’t mean that the value will be split between you and your spouse though. The family court will take into account how much could be acquired if the home was sold. You or your spouse could choose to settle to pay a portion of the value to the other spouse to no longer have any equity in the home.

Agreements Can Make Divorce Easier

When you talk to a family attorney near me, try to determine how an amicable agreement can be made between you and your spouse. Determine what assets you want from the relationship and which you are okay parting with during the split. It’s important to also take attorney fees into account. Since attorneys aren’t working pro bono for your case, the cost of both attorneys is commonly split between the couple or each party agrees to pay their own attorney fees. The information needs to be put in writing so that it can be legally binding.

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