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Law Office Of Chad D. Shelton

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25 reviews
Sharon Smith

I spoke with Mr Shelton over the phone about a situation which could have become a serious matter but the allegation was proven false but before hand needing to have an attorney just Incase , on 2 occasions Mr. Shelton spoke with me and answered some of my concerns and during our conversation I felt like he would be an awesome attorney to handle the caseAnd I felt talking with him that it wasnt just about money, so if in the near future I need an attorney he will be the first one I would consider.
Dan Monty

Mr. Shelton not only got my case closed but he had kept in contact through out the whole process. There are not enough words to describe his professionalism in his field. I will say that if Chad Shelton runs for office he has my vote. Chad Shelton for President!!! ( I am a client not a paid spokesman ). Thank you Sir for your outstanding and loyal service to your profession.
Dale K. Beard

Very likeable attorney, along with his wife. Specializes in estate planning, wills, etc. Great location, smack downtown Summerville. Office is on the 2nd floor so be forewarned... the stairs are murder.
Renee Sevigney

Chad & Whitney are an incredible team who will fight for you, relentlessly. No amount of money could pay for the peace of mind they provide. Retain them.. you will not regret it!
Clistenes Barreira

Chad and his staff were helpful and responsive to all our questions and concerns.
John Thomas

Chad is a very good lawyer.
Tanya Grant

There are not enough thank yous to say to Chad Shelton! He recently helped me with my divorce (after waiting for 2 years!) and got it handled for me in a matter of months. He is a spectacular attorney and takes his cases seriously. Chad was there for me the entire process and I can't thank him enough for what he did for me. He made me feel very comfortable every step of the way and guided me through everything no matter how difficult it was. He is a 10 star attorney and I highly recommend him!

Mr. Shelton's knowledge of the law is second to none. He answered all of our questions and guided us in a positive direction thus far. He made us feel like a priority since we walked in. He triple checked on details of certain hurdles we had to cross. Not many lawyers seem trustworthy or ethically sound these days but Chad Shelton is. Would recommend over and over again.
Dayne Phillips

As a fellow attorney, I have seen Chad's sincere passion for defending those accused of crimes. He genuinely cares about the outcome of his client's cases. Simply put, he is the epitome of a zealous advocate.

Was extremely helpful! Kept me informed throughout the process. Would recommend to anyone who needs someone who is fast efficient.
Gene Buckingham

Mr. Chad Sheltons knowledge and experience are second to none. Not only do I consider him an excellent lawyer, but I also consider him a good friend.
Erin Delesline

He will do everything in his power to defend you. Thanks Mr. Chad Shelton
Joyce Stebbins

Chad help me a couple of years ago with a couple of legal issues. He was professional, knowledgable, and a gentleman at all times. I have recomended Chad to a number of friends all of whom agreed with me on his qualifications, professionalism, and his knowledge of the law. He is a great addition to the Summerville legal field.
Travis Gill

This man helped me in my time of need being broke and lost just about everything...I was at rock bottom with my divorce and it was really bad. He helped make a bad situation better.
Renay Marsh

Hard to find but nice and professional. I get to speak with Chad and not someone else everyti.e I call.
Supa Mcfly

The Best you could have on your side!!
DubGang Chef

Mr.Shelton will stay with you every step of the way. He'll help you as much as you let him help you. I couldn't ask for better representation.

A pleasure to work with.
Don Messervy

Wesley Sammy

sunshine Johnson

Angela Lilienthal

Susan Jordan

Kris Sotzing

Christina Riggs