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Hight Law Firm, LLC

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6 reviews
Michael Brand

As a social worker, I know that family law is extremely complicated, especially when there are multiple jurisdictions involved. I reached out to Hight Law Firm for assistance with custody matters. I live in the state of Georgia but needed representation in South Carolina. This law firm was quite quick in their response to my inquiries and was completely helpful in helping me address my issues.I have needed representation several times for many different reasons in the past. I have never had a more personable experience with a law firm as I did with this one. Ms. Hight was prepared to discuss the details of my case prior to our consultation. She was able to explain complex legal matters in a way I could understand and helped me strategize the best course of action.I highly recommend Hight Law Firm for any needs you have, especially for matters of family law. I immediately felt respected and that my case mattered to them as much as it did to me. Thank you so much Ms. Hight for all your assistance through my very troubling time. Michael B.
Leigh Ignazi

Excellent attorney! I've used Ms. Hight's services several times. Each time she went above and beyond. She is professional, knowledgeable and reliable.
Nicholas Read

Elizabeth is a very talented attorney that always puts her client's matters and interests first.
Timothy Morris

Very professional, down to earth and when she says she will do something she does.
ray wyatt

Wow what a piece of work this law firm is. I came all the way up from St. Petersburg Fla. for a appointment at 10:30 AM on Tuesday April 10 2016. I had to get a place to stay for a few days and on Monday April 09 2016 I called to confirm my appointment. Guess what this piece of un-careing individual told me, that she had referred my case to another lawyer,not her practice,i guess my money is no good!!! The lawyer she referred me to is not available until June 2016. I hope future clients will beware, or she needs to get into another line of work, not dealing with the public. Washing dishes at the Mac Donalds. She does not care about human feelings. My name is Ray Wyatt call me anytime.
Jack Geraci