24 reviews

Donnie Gamache, Attorney at Law, LLC

marker Summerville, South Carolina


24 reviews
Jack Parler Jr

Donnie is a great attorney and always well prepared. He prepares you with best case and worst case out comes but always pulls off best case. I couldnt think of a better attorney in the area or even the state. He and his staff are incredible and never stop working hard for you.
Jo Blanca

Donnie Gamache is a little man with a big ego. He is by far the worst attorney and person I have ever come across. He is very rude, condescending, inconsiderate, insensitive, and EXTREMELY unprofessional. He does not return any calls or correspondences. He attempts to belittle his clients. He despises being questioned of progress or lack thereof, being worked on a clients behalf. He despises being questioned on where finances are being applied. He degrades women. Plain and simple, he does not like being challenged. If you keep your mouth shut and allow a person to disrespect you and call you names, then Donnie Gamache is your man. But IF YOU RESPECT YOURSELF, AND DEMAND THAT FROM OTHERS, then I highly recommend you go in another direction for your legal needs.
Stephanie Fuller

Donnie and his staff are amazing. His knowledge of the law and his absolute concern for his clients show amazingly through his entire practice and his actions in handling his cases.
Jeremy Halfhill

Donnie is by far the best family lawyer in the local area. I would recommend him over anyone is the area. Hes a legit pitbull in the courtroom just like his business card claims. Worth every shiney penny.
Morgan Drawdy

Donnie and his staff are incredible! They genuinely care about your issues and go above and beyond to keep you informed of your cases status and what to expect going forward. You will never go wrong with all of these AMAZING people who have your back!
Jacqueline V

Donnie and his team are amazing! They are friendly and personable. Great communication through the whole legal process. Thank you!
D&J Gaming

Great guy and staff always friendly and takes care of you with professional courtesy, always will be the attorney we use in our family.
Peggy Anderson

Donnie handled my divorce and I couldnt have been happier. Hes a straight shooter and tells it like it is. Id highly recommend him!
Brandy Knox

Always down to earth and tells you like it is. Has handled legal issues for me with a professional and caring demeanor. Would and have recommended him to many people.
Peter Haas

If you're looking for a first-class attorney, look no further!!! Donnie and staff know how to get things done and take care of business!!! I'm grateful for everything Donnie did for me, and wish I would've found him sooner. Thanks!!
Jessica Parler

Wonderful attorney! Friendly, caring staff. Works hard and goes the extra mile for his clients! I would highly recommend!
Brad KC

Best in the business, he will win or die trying.
Meredith Bunch

The best
Lauren Michelle

Very well known as the best counsel in the Lowcountry, and for good reason. Not only a phenomenal firm, but Mr. Gamache is a pillar of the community. Just about every charitable event I have seen his firm sponsors, and a lot of ones you don't see as well. If you want to WIN, you have to have top contender and HE is it! This firm has my business, my family's business, and that of many people I have discussed law with in the Lowcountry.
Christyne Lehr

Couldn't ask for a better lawyer or staff.
Randy Hall

Ginger Wernicke

Bo Hoats

Jack Rogers

Jan Perry

Kristin Dobes

Stephanie Carter

Eric Lehr

Orrin Brown

Donnie doesn't play around, and gets results. He's very fair and keeps you informed about everything throughout the process. A great lawyer.