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When you’re dealing with an issue regarding family law, the impact that the result of your case can have on your life is huge. The most important issue in many family law cases is the children. The result of your case can decide who gets custody, affecting how often you will be able to see your kids and whether or not you will receive or pay child support.

In addition to time spent with your children, your case can have serious financial consequences. Alimony payments will affect both your life and the life of your former spouse. If you don’t get help from the right lawyer, you could end up on the short end and either pay too much or not be paid enough. All of these problems can be avoided, but only if you contact me.


The right lawyer can make sure that you receive equal time with your children, or if your spouse is incapable of adequately providing for them, award you full custody. If you leave these matters to a lawyer who is unprepared or doesn’t care, you run the risk of your spouse walking all over you in court and taking things from you that are not rightfully theirs.

When you hire the right lawyer, the first thing that happens is peace of mind. The stress of dealing with the courts can be heavy, but a good lawyer can put you at ease as soon as during your first visit. If you feel overwhelmed and it seems like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, there is never a better time to contact me to see how I can help you.

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5 reviews
Jan Posten

Complete waste of time even talking to her - how she past the bar exam baffles me .... I wasn't a client (my my other half was) ... Be careful dealing with her - she will get you into trouble - pure negligence. She is the definition of lazy.
Cassandra Pearce

Highly recommend, believed in the case from the very beginning, didn't doubt me, listened to what I had to say, made sure I was aware and involved in the whole process.
dylan galusha

I had three Legal matters when I call the Law Firm of Michele Warnke. The Professional and Responsible way she handled two of the legal matters was Brilliant. The third legal matter was done in such a Diatomic fashion. I was well pleased with Michele Warnke Law Office.
Sara Jacobson

The Warnke Law Firm has been a wonderful resource for me over several years. The professionalism and personal attention to details is phenomenal.
Ian Jacobson

Very kind people and elephants. Though I am sad to say there are not quite enough.